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Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy is a wonderful way to restore energy and feel more yourself again. We know we all have different parts of ourselves - they are having conversations in our heads. This may have an effect on a difficulty in the present; for example, in phobic reactions and panic attacks.

Regression Therapy helps to integrate those different parts of yourself, making you feel more whole. It is designed to guide you safely back to earlier times when an upsetting event occurred, this time with the support of a competent therapist, guiding you to emotional resolution (laying the "ghost" to rest).

Actually, whenever we react we are exposing an emotionally vulnerable area of our lives, so we defend ourselves by behaving rather like a vulnerable child / teenager. This is because an emotional situation was not brought to a satisfactory resolution at some time in the past, especially during childhood, and so learning of new behaviour has not taken place.

Note: Until this learning takes place, similar opportunities will continue to present themselves - which can be rather painful.

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Usually this regression is to early life, but occasionally past-life regression is called for.

This may be: an imagined past life, a metaphor for a presenting emotional reaction, or an accurate connection to a past life.

What is most important is that the release of this blockage is likely to give the client more energy and a greater ability immediately to deal with every day situations more calmly and as an adult usually would.

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