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Clients’ Testimonials

Below are extracts from letters received from grateful Clients:

. . . . perhaps I can help you in a similar way.

(names have been omitted for privacy)

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Stop Smoking 1: "You counselled me for a morning session to aid me in my attempts to stop smoking. Thought I'd drop you a quick line to let you know that I haven't touched a cigarette since, dispite a relatively stressful life in the police force. After 8 months I think I'm safe to say I've cracked it. I had smoked since I was 15 years old and had made countless attempts throughout my life to stop. All unsuccessful.

Thank you for your help. I believe it is probably one of the greatest achievements of my life and I will reap the benefits for whatever I have left of it beyond my 40 years."

Stop Smoking 2: "A year ago I came to see you for a hypnotherapy session to give up smoking. I thought you might like to know that as a result, on 15th February (2006), I can celebrate 1 year as a non-smoker! After 20+ years of smoking and many failed attempts to quit, it feels fantastic to be finally free of the weed!

I followed your instructions exactly, doing the theta exercises and listening to the CD every night for a month, and found I hardly missed cigarettes at all. My very deep gratitude to you for your help in this regard. Thank you."

Stop Smoking 3: "Dear Vanessa,   Celebrating my first quit smoking "anniversary" today, thoughts are turning to you and so I'd like to thank you for helping me bring quality back into my life by being a non-smoker.

Kind regards." August 2008

General Health: " Just a short line to say ... I don't know what you have done to me but I feel wonderful!! Full of joy and optimistic and full of energy. I want to thank you. I am going over the matters we discussed and continuing with the healing therapy in the manner that you suggested, and I truly feel it is beginning to be of great benefit."

Mental Health: " I have been coming to you now for some 9 months and would like to put on record my grateful thanks for all your help in bringing about the very noticeable improvement in my health. I think it is safe to say that when I first came to see you in July/August last year I was completely stressed out. In fact you refused to use hypnotherapy on me for some weeks until I was less stressed.

I had been off work on several occasions and was receiving medication from my GP for long-term work-related stress. This includes anxiety/panic attacks which were seriously affecting not only my work, but more importantly my personal, private and social life. Also, as a diabetic, the undue stress was badly affecting my blood sugar control.

My GP got me on a long waiting list to see a NHS psychiatrist/psychologist, but I desperately needed some other interim help. Although I like to think I'm fairly open-minded, alternative medicine had always conjured 'weird' and 'wacky' images to me! However, I needn't have worried. You seemed pretty sane, and your kindness, sensitivity and understanding soon dispelled any initial concerns I might have had.

The various treatments you have administered in that time including reiki, self-hypnosis/deep relaxation therapy, soul retrieval, etc, have worked what I can only describe as a miracle on me. The change in me (less stress/more relaxed) was almost immediate and very noticeable by family and work colleagues. I have been able to happily attend and enjoy many family and work related social events as well as a large number of work meetings and seminars, all of which would, frankly, have been 'hell' before.

I have since attended the psychiatric appointments and they were so pleased with my current 'mental/emotional' state that I have been discharged with no treatment - just to keep up my alternative treatment as this was obviously working. Also, my blood sugar is under much better control.

Again, many thanks for giving me my life back - I know this might sound a bit 'over-the-top', but to me the change in my life has been that dramatic."

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